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   See Baker & TaylorPlanet Earth is blue by Nicole Panteleakos

Autistic and nearly nonverbal, twelve-year-old Nova is happy in her new foster home and school, but eagerly anticipates the 1986 Challenger launch, for which her sister, Bridget, promised to return.

See Baker & Taylor Leo Gray and the the lunar eclipse by K.J. Kruk

K.J. Kruk's new novel, Leo Gray and the Lunar Eclipse, tells the story of a time in the future (the year 2113) when Planet Earth has entered its steady, robot-filled decline. The young protagonist, Leo, is from a family whose parents resist technology and is somewhat of an outcast. When his mother and teacher arrange for him to enter a rocket-building contest, Leo ends up winning. First prize is a free ticket to a utopian community on the moon called Luna City. Once there, Leo uncovers a sinister plot to destroy the city. He and his friends know they have to find a way to foil the plans before the next lunar eclipse happens.

See Baker & Taylor What goes up by Wen Jane Baragrey

Robyn Tinkerbell Goodfellow, twelve, lives in a house that seems to attract trouble, so when a satellite is expected to crash she races to learn the truth about her long-lost father before it is too late.