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See Baker & Taylor   The friendship bracelet by Arlene Stewart.

After her best friend moves to Paris, a devastated eleven-year-old Olivia Jones picks up the pieces of the summer as she befriends her cousins when they move into the neighborhood and they join a service club, making friendship bracelets at the local hospital.

See Baker & Taylor  The countdown conspiracy by Katie Slivensky.

Six kids from around the world have been chosen for the first-ever mission to Mars and Miranda Regent is one of them. But as soon as the announcement is made, protesters worldwide claim the selection process was rigged -- and that Miranda was only chosen because she's American. Soon she's getting anonymous threatening messages. When the training base is attacked, it looks like Miranda is the intended target. Now the entire mission and everyone's lives are at risk. And while it seems Miranda may be the one who put them all in danger -- she may also be the only one who can save them.

See Baker & Taylor The magnificent glass globe by N.R. Bergeson.

Eleven-year-old Mary Tucker dreams of visiting the Amazon. One day, Mary and her friends stumble upon an old travel trunk, once belonging to her grandfather, in the basement of the museum where her father works. Inside is a curious glass globe that, when touched, transports them to the rainforest. Mary can't believe her luck. But the rainforest is dangerous. Poachers, poisonous creatures, and a villain intent on stealing the globe turn their adventure into a nightmare. To get back home, the friends must recover the globe, stop deadly poachers, find something to eat and drink, and make sure the globe doesn't fall into the wrong hands.