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Digital Media: Video, E-books, E-audio

Downloadable e-books and e-audio

OverdriveonelickThe library uses two different services for e-content: OverDrive  and OneClick Digital. 

If this is your first time using these services, click below to open up more info and get started. Once you're set up, you will probably go directly to Overdrive/ListenUp! or OneClick via your mobile device or computer.

FAQs about downloadable books

Are OverDrive and OneClick library services, and what's the difference? Should I use both?

These are third-party services that the library uses to provide e-content for its patrons. The books through Overdrive come through ListenUp! Vermont, a project of the Green Mountain Library Consortium, which includes many Vermont libraries. Brooks subscribes to OneClick on its own. Each service offers a different selections of e-books and e-audio, so sign up with both for the best selection.

Does this include everything on your shelves?

We wish it could! Right now, the collection is still small, in the thousands, compared to the hundreds of thousands of items on the shelves at Brooks at at our parner libraries in the Catamount Library Network. But it's growing.

Do the titles appear in your online catalog?

No. Because the content is coming from outside vendors, you will need to establish free individual accounts with Overdrive and/or OneClick and search those services directly.

May I suggest that you buy a new title as an e-book or e-audio?

Absolutely. You can make  suggestions for purchase for new downloadable titles just as you would for traditional paper titles.

Why are there waiting lists if it's electronic?

Publishers still sell copies of books one by one; that hasn't changed in the electronic era. So, popular titles will still have waiting lists at libraries. However, just as with paper books, we will often buy extra copies to keep the list moving along. Tip: When using OverDrive/ListenUp!, always sign in before searching. That will give you access to additional titles and copies that Brooks buys exclusively for its own patrons.

Why do I see "Buy It Now" buttons? 

It's part of the deal between publishers and libraries: publishers seek the opportunity to sell extra copies of popular items to library patrons who want to skip over the waiting list. If you don't mind waiting a bit, go ahead and place a hold, and you will magically receive an email when it's available for you to check out and download. If you must read the next installment of your favorite series right now and decide you want to buy a personal e-copy, this link is a convenient way to do that.


About OverDrive e-books and audiobooks

Overdrive small Getting started with OverDrive




1. Download the OverDrive app or desktop software to your mobile device or computer.

Which do you need?

If you plan to read/listen to books on a mobile device that uses apps, such as an iPad, Android tablet, smart phone, KindleFire, or iPod Touch, choose the appropriate icon for your mobile device:

app-store (App Store/iTunes) for Apple mobile devices that use apps, such as iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch

google-play-store for Android mobile devices that use apps, such as Android tablets and smart phones (Note: if you're unable to download from Google play, check the other options on the OverDrive app page for your specific operating system).

nook-app-store for app-friendly Nooks

windows-phone-store copy for Windows Phone

If you plan to read/listen on a computer or on a mobile device that does not use apps, such as a plain iPod, MP3 player, or traditional Kindle or Nook, go to the bottom of the Overdrive App page and choose the appropriate icon for your computer.  You can choose:

Mac mac logo, Windows Desktop windows logo, or Windows 8 windows 8 logo

2. Search and download e-books/e-audio

Once you have OverDrive installed, you can check out and download e-books and e-audio through the mobile app or on your computer via Listen Up! Vermont (Green Mountain Library Consortium, "GMLC").

  • If you are using the mobile app, you will check out, download, and read/listen all within the app.
  • If you're using the computer program, you will check out and download the titles and then either read/listen on your computer or transfer the title to a mobile device via usb cable (as with an MP3 player) or via wireless connection (as with a traditional Kindle).

Tips for searching, checking out, and downloading:

sign inAlways sign in first thing when you go to ListenUp! Vermont. That will ensure that you have the best selection of titles. To sign in, start with the "Sign in" link in the upper right corner, near the cow and the search box. Then follow these directions and screen shots:

overdrive login

Tips for searching, checking out, downloading, and reading or listening:

my lib collection

availableWhen you search or browse ListenUp! Vermont, you will find items that are checked out and items that are available right away. If you only want to see things that are available right away, you can limit your search with the pull-down option "Only titles with copies available." But don't forget that placing holds is a useful strategy for keeping a steady stream of good books coming your way.

formatsOverDrive includes both e-books and e-audio. When searching for books, be aware of the icons that indicate whether a title is an e-book (book icon) or an audio (headphones icon)

Also, be aware that specific devices can display or play specific types of files. See notes below for a clue about what types of files your device can use, or look it up on the OverDrive Devices Page. When you search, you can limit your titles to formats your device is able to use.

detailed formats

Guide to formats:

  • Kindle Book: can be read on a Kindle or any tablet/smart phone or similar device that has installed the Kindle app, available at the Apple store or Google Play.
  • OverDrive Read: These are e-book titles that can be read immediately, via the Web, without having to download. But to use OverDrive Read, you have to have a current wifi connection. Most readers download the titles they borrow in one of the other formats so that they can read them even when they don't have an active wifi session in progress.
  • EPUB Ebook and PDF Ebook: for tablets and phones. Not for Kindles.
  • OverDrive MP3 Audiobook: for most iPods and MP3 players. This is the required format for Apple products.
  • OverDrive WMA Audiobook: for MP3 players and most non-Apple audio players. MP3 players can play both WMA and MP3 files.

Many titles have more than one format. An e-book might be available as both a Kindle file and an EPUB file, and an e-audio might be available as both a WMA and an MP3. When you get to the download stage in the checkout process, make sure you select the correct format for your reader or listening device.

Note to Kindle users: when you check out and download books, the system will send you to Amazon, where you will sign in with your Amazon account. It will know that this is a library book, though, and not a purchase.


About OneClick Digital audiobooks

onelick smallGetting started with OneClick:



1. Download the OverDrive app or desktop software to your mobile device or computer.

Which do you need?

If you plan to read/listen to books on a mobile device that uses apps, such as an iPad, Android tablet, smart phone, KindleFire, or iPod Touch, choose the appropriate icon for your mobile device:

app-store e-audio (iTunes) for Apple mobile audio devices that use apps, such as iPhone and iPod Touch

app-store e-reader (iTunes) for Apple mobile text devices that use apps, such as iPad and iPhone

google-play-store e-audio for Android mobile audio devices that use apps, including tablets and smart phones

google-play-store e-reader for Android mobile text devices that use apps, including tablets and smart phones

nook-app-store for app-friendly Nooks

Kindlefire  special instructions for Kindle Fire

If you plan to listen on a computer or on a mobile device that does not use apps, such as a plain iPod or MP3 player, go to the OneClick Help Page and choose the appropriate icon for your computer.  You can chooose between Windows and Mac:


Note: OneClick for computer is limited to digital audio. You must use one of the mobile apps for e-books.

For more details on setting up and checking out titles, see the excellent OneClick help page



Featured library videos

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Independent movies and more

BCTV indiflixStream independent movies free through Indieflix with your library card, and don't miss the wonderful free programming at Brattleboro's own BCTV, including many library programs.

Click below to open up more info.

About Indieflix streaming independent films



  • Browse over 1600 independent films to watch on your computer, phone, iPad, or other device.
  • Search for films by genre, intended audience, festival, or country. Filter by length of film.

To use:

First, create an account with your library card at Indieflix.

  1. You will need first to validate your library card, which will begin 27191 or 21792, with a total of 14 digits. See back of your card.
  2. Once validated, the system will then ask you for your name and email address. You will be sent an email and link to complete the process.
  3. Click on the link in the email to activate your account.  Continue on to the login screen and log in with your email and password.
  4. Once you are logged in, you must enter your first name, last name, and password one final time.  Your first name will then appear at the top "YOUR NAME" with a link to "DASHBOARD." Your dashboard will have a profile (optional), your queue of movies that you want to watch, and a viewing history that lists the films you have viewed.

If you want to watch movies on your iPad or iPhone, look for the Indieflix app at the iTunes store.

If you have a Roku streaming player you should be able to add Indieflix to your selections.

Once you have done the initial setup for your account, you can simply log in whenever you want to choose and watch movies.


About Brattleboro Community Television



Connect to your community through Brattleboro Community Television! 

Watch BCTV live or watch shows on demand.


Lots of the Brooks Memorial Library's programs can be found through the Lectures and Readings link in the on-demand playlist.  If you missed a 1st Wednesdays program, you might find it here.



Circulating E-Readers

Want to test drive an e-reader?  We have some Kindles available for checkout at the circulation desk.  They are pre-loaded with a variety of titles.  To find out what's on each e-reader, simply search the term KINDLE in the catalog search box. If the one you want is checked out, you can place a hold and be notified when it is available.