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Library Trustees

The Board of Trustees meets the second Tuesday of every month throughout the year at 4:45 pm in the Community Meeting Room on the second floor.

Agendas and minutes are available as pdf files.

pdfBoard of Trustees Bylaws (revised September 8, 2015)

Name Position
Connie Bresnahan 2020, 2nd term
Pamela Becker 2019, 2nd term
Howard Burrows 2019, 2nd term
Amity H. DeAngelis 2020, 1st term
Adam Franklin-Lyons 2021, 3rd term, Treasurer
Sirkka A. Kauffman 2021, 1st term
Jenny Rowe 2020, 2nd term, Vice-President
Leo Schiff 2021, 1st term
Jane Southworth 2019, 2nd term